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Monitoring Records Management Compliance


One day workshop on monitoring compliance with records management standards, policies and guidelines.




There has been a huge investment in records management policies, procedures and systems in recent years.  Much of this investment has been in response to requirements to comply with a raft of existing and new legislation and to demonstrate good corporate governance.  But records management is not simply about introducing new policies and systems, there is also a need to ensure that policies are being followed and systems are being used effectively.


Having built a business case for the initial investment, records managers need to be able to demonstrate that the anticipated benefits have been achieved and that new policies and systems are being used to ensure compliance with external and internal requirements.


Only by monitoring records management compliance is it possible to identify any shortcomings and implement the appropriate remedial action.  




  • What to measure?
  • Developing measures to monitor compliance with standards
  • Developing measure to assess benefit realisation
  • Records management maturity models
  • Information gathering and analysis
  • Providing feedback




At the end of this workshop attendees will have an understanding of...


... what things to measure to monitor compliance and assess benefits


... how to gather measurement information


... analysing and reporting on compliance


... developing an action plan to address issues


Who should attend


  • Records Managers
  • Information Managers
  • Information Governance Officers
  • Internal Auditors

Records Management for Records Staff

This course provides a practical overview of records management for support staff. The course covers:

  • Terminology and definitions
  • The records life cycle/continuum
  • Classification schemes
  • Indexing and retrieval
  • Retention scheduling
  • Vital records
  • Information risk and security
Supplementary modules can be added to cover specific procedures or applications, for example use of specific electronic records management systems or sector specific records management regulations. The course can be delivered as a single session (one to two days) or as a series of modules over a number of days or weeks.

Records Management Awareness for Business Users

Training and awareness materials to support in-house records management programmes.

Examples include presentations, seminars and workshops which are designed to raise awareness of records management and to promote compliance with records management policy and procedures.

Business Classification Scheme and File Plan Design

Designed for records managers and other information professionals, this one-day course provides a practical introduction to the process of creating and implementing a functionally based classification scheme for use with electronic records management systems.

Specialist Courses

Specific courses and training materials can be developed to meet your individual needs

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